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There are thousands of different paths a person can take to becoming an addict. Whether it was too much drinking and partying in college, battling depression due to an abusive relationship, or recovering from the pain caused by a serious accident or injury, addiction affects people from every background and walk of life. Thankfully, due to the diligence of the amazing professionals in the rehab and recovery field of medicine, there are just as many paths to becoming clean and sober, too. No matter who you are, there's an addiction treatment therapy out there for you. High-quality drug treatment programs are designed to provide care that specifically addresses the needs of each patient. This is because studies have shown that individualized care is one of the keys to a recovering addict or alcoholic being successful in rehabilitation over the long-term. The professionals who work in treatment programs in Cranston are ready and waiting to help you.

What Is Addiction Treatment Therapy?

Addiction treatment therapy is the additional types of counseling and therapies available to addicts and alcoholics as part of their rehabilitation. In an organized, comprehensive rehab program, there are many aspects that will be similar for everyone involved. For example, every recovering addict or alcoholic must first go through medical detox in Cranston. This is the process where they cease to use or drink, and with the help of one of a few different techniques, rid their body of the drugs or alcohol they have been abusing. Additionally, everyone in a rehabilitation program will meet with a primary counselor. This is the person who will help them choose from the options available at whichever one of the drug treatment programs they have enrolled. The counselors at treatment programs in Cranston will explain the different models of therapy available which may include cognitive/behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, motivational incentives, and other therapy and counseling architectures they can explore.

Types of Treatment Programs for Addiction

There are many choices when it comes to the specific drug treatment programs available in most areas. Some are standard and can be found in most areas, like group meetings, individual counseling, and 12-step programs. Depending on the rehab and recovery professionals in the area, you may also find unique options like art and music therapy, equine therapy, and restorative yoga. In the end, many successful recovering addicts and alcoholics will take part in multiple types of therapy over their lifetime. This is because one type of therapy may be very helpful in getting them started and keeping them committed to being clean and sober, while another may be just what they need in the long run during years of healthy living.

12-Step Programs

12-step programs are often thought of as the quintessential rehabilitation and recovery component that ensures the longevity of a person's sobriety. Drug treatment programs that follow this model help tens of millions of people every day and can be found almost anywhere. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) the granddaddy of all 12-step programs, has daily meetings to help alcoholics maintain their sobriety all over the United States and in many other countries throughout the world. If you're an alcoholic and are worried about traveling and staying sober, making AA is perfect organization to make part of your addiction treatment therapy. Need to attend a meeting in a quaint New England town? There's one there for you. On a cruise to the Caribbean and don't want to miss a meeting? You're all set. AA and many of its sister programs like Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and are available as part of the at treatment programs in Cranston.

Art and Music Therapy

When a person has been an addict or alcoholic for a substantial amount of time, drugs and alcohol take up a big chunk of their lives. Part of recovery is filling that void that is left when they stop using or drinking. One way to do just that is to choose an addiction treatment therapy that is activity-based and can become a hobby like an interest in an art or music. Drug treatment programs all over the country have art and music therapy programs or can recommend one in the local area. The counselors at treatment programs in Cranston can help you choose therapies that will not only help you put drugs and alcohol behind you but that you will enjoy, too.

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